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EU Design Days in a nutshell

Are you an SME, a designer, a design organisation, an EU institution, a Local or Regional authority, a Chamber of Commerce or a University? Looking for inspiration, funding, networking opportunities and much more? – The EU Design Days might be an opportunity to grasp!

EU Design Days, organised by ERRIN’s Design and Creativity Working Group, has become an annual high level event, enabling regions and their stakeholders from all over Europe to come together in order to exchange information and know-how about the added value of implementing design as a tool for regional innovation. It gathers over 200 European stakeholders and is seen as one of the most important platforms for design innovation in Brussels.

Why Design?

According to a report of the European Design Leadership Board, design has a role to play in business processes and metrics (such as value-adding or cost cutting) and is considered as a sector in its own right of specialised, professional economic activity by trained and qualified practitioners and as a tool for business and organisational growth at the highest strategic level. In addition to its economic benefits, design also encompasses sustainable and responsible behaviour.

It should also be highlighted that design has been recognised as a key discipline and activity for bringing ideas to the market by the Innovation Union, one of Europe 2020’s flagships and in line with this initiative, the European Commission has launched a European Design Innovation initiative in order to raise awareness and enhance the role of design in Europe.

EU Design Days forms a regional input to these initiatives by unifying stakeholders active in design from different regions in Europe. Moreover, EU Design Days adopts a cross-sectoral stance by involving not only enterprises but also representatives from the world of education and service.

This multidisciplinary approach may lead to new and innovative solutions to everyday challenges, thus highlighting the role design plays today and in the future.

About ERRIN and the Design & Creativity Working Group

EU Design Days is an initiative from ERRIN’s Design and Creativity Working Group.

ERRIN, the European Regions Research and Innovation Network, is a dynamic network of, currently, more than 120 European regions and their Brussels-based EU offices. ERRIN facilitates knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships between its members with the aim to strengthen their regions’ research and innovation capacities. ERRIN also aspires to influence EU policies in order to make them respond better to the needs of European regions and to that end engages in debate with EU institutions.

The ERRIN Design and Creativity Working Group stimulates cooperation between the different Directorates General of the European Commission working on Design & Creativity, in order to raise awareness of the potentials of creativity and design in relation to creating growth and economic development.

The working group facilitates project development, awareness-raising of the issues related to the role of design in innovation and regional policy and profiling the regions in relation to design at EU level.




EU Design Days Organisers

Arnhem Nijmegen City Region
European Advisor Arnhem Nijmegen City Region
    Eindhoven Brainport EU Office
    European Policy & Project Adviser
    Organisational assistant

    Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
    Senior policy officer