Arctic Design Week

February 19, 2018 to February 25, 2018
Arctic Design Week 2018
Rovaniemi, Finland

Arctic Design Week, located in the authentic Lapland region of Rovaniemi, Finland, will be celebrating it’s 10th design week, next year in February 2018. The goal of the design week has always been to promote Arctic Design and the people behind it. It also aims to strengthen local businesses here in Rovaniemi and the Lapland areas through the business conference MISHMASH. MISHMASH is a contemporary conference taking place during Arctic Design Week in Rovaniemi - February 21-24, 2018. Connecting entrepreneurs and design professionals from all over the world, the theme this year is “Out-of-the-box”, encouraging​ ​creativity​ ​and​ ​sustainable​ ​future​ ​design. 

We invited you to come and experience Arctic Design Week in it’s entirety, the various exhibitions,​ ​the​ ​arctic​ ​food,​ ​arctic​ ​adventures​ ​and​ ​of​ ​course​ ​the​ ​arctic​ ​design! 

Dates:​ ​19-25​ ​February​ ​2018 

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