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Design as strategic tool to support regional development

September 20, 2016
Friuli Venezia Giulia Liaison Office - Rue du Commerce 49, 1000 Bruxelles

Utmost changes in a globalized socio-economic and industrial context require an extended re-thinking in terms of new innovative business models and paradigms by the whole European manufacturing system. In this context, the language spoken by the stakeholders active in the field of Design should be more and more open to trans-sectorial and multi-disciplinary networks. The role currently played by design should therefore be investigated as added value for enterprises in a mosaic society characterized by a mixture between material and virtual resources. The Pordenone Technological Pole & University Consortium in cooperation with Unindustria (Association of Italian industries) & ISIA (National Institute for art industries) in the framework of the Design Days 2016 edition (DD2016) organised by ERRIN are glad to invite you to the following workshop, aimed at investigating the design thinking as strategic tool to support regional development. During the event, the notion of «design thinking» is going to be introduced as cultural model to be transferred as best practice to other Regional EU realities (mainly in the urban field), meaning how to connect Universities and industrial world in a very concrete and constructive way putting forward the employment issue, especially with reference to the youngest. To «innovate», in this case, means «to build a cultural eco-system into the basic territories. Finally, the stakeholders will investigate the feasibility of creating an international permanent laboratory - aimed at building synergies among companies and design - based on innovation.

Click here for more information about Pordenone Design Week 2016.

Target Group: 
Young professionals, students and graduates coming from the academia, designers, experts working in the field of engineering, sociology, economics, clusters (industry and agro-food) & manufacturing and industry representatives, Regional Administrations, etc.
Aim of the Workshop: 
To investigate the notion of "design thinking" as a strategic tool to support regional development.
Participants registration & coffee
10h00 - Welcome speech
Representative of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Liaison office, Brussels
10h10 - Design & new perspectives in education and creativity fields: the PNDESIGNWEEK case study
Prof. Arch. Giuseppe MARINELLI DE MARCO, ISIA (National Institute for art industries), MIUR, academics & social innovation expert, Italy
10h30 - Identity and role played by the University consortium
Ing. Andrea ZANNI, Director of the University consortium, Pordenone, Italy
10h40 - “Made in Italy” in Italian education
Prof. Alessandro BASSO, Member of the Executive Board, University consortium, Pordenone, Italy
11.00 - Pordenone Design Week: a concrete experience from Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
Mrs. Lia CORREZZOLA, President of Young Industrials (Unindustria), Pordenone, Italy
11h15 - The future is now! Testimonials of innovation inside/outside the Pordenone Design Week
Mrs. Michela SILVESTRIN, CEO of the enterprise Spazio Quadro srl
11h30 - The door to innovation for SMEs
Ing. Franco SCOLARI, Director of the Polo Tecnologico “Andrea Galvani” of Pordenone, Italy
11h40 - Concrete contributions to design: the role played by the RICC network
Mrs. Valentina Polylas, representative of the Regional Initiative for Culture and Creativity - RICC
12h00 - Smart protection strategies for smart designs
Mr. Onur EMUL, European IPR Helpdesk, Bruxelles
12h30 - FAQ
Questions & Answers session
13h00 - Lunch break
Participants are supposed to take part in the selected round-table: please register at the welcome desk
14h15 - PARALLEL ROUND TABLE N. I - Smart Specialisation Strategies: the "Pordenone Design week" (case study)
Moderators: Ing. Franco SCOLARI & and Massimiliano BERTETTI, management design, University Consortium of Pordenone [Where: Meeting Room -1]
PARALLEL ROUND TABLE N. II - SMART FOOD, CULTURE AND NUTRITIONAL LEARNING: How design could help people eating healthier (case study)
Moderator: Mrs. Sonia MASSARI, Director of GUSTOLAB, Professor at ISA ROMA DESIGN, ADI INDEX responsible [Where: President Room+1]
14h15 - PARALLEL ROUND TABLE N. III - Smart cities and vertical farms: experiences of cooperation (case study)
Moderator: Prof. Arch. Giuseppe MARINELLI DE MARCO, ISIA - Assistant: Mrs. Elena Rotondi, system designer [Where: Meeting room Carinzia +2]
Prof. Arch. Giuseppe MARINELLI DE MARCO, ISIA (National Institute for art industries), MIUR, academics & social innovation expert, Italy
End of the workshop