Arnhem Nijmegen City Region

The Arnhem Nijmegen City Region is situated at the heart of a vast metropolitan area in the east of the Netherlands. Consisting of 19 municipalities, its aim is to promote regional cooperation together with its triple helix stakeholders. The region presents itself as an attractive, easily accessible region with a strong competitive position worldwide. Next to specialisations in Health, Energy and Sustainable Mobility, the creative sector is an important economic spearhead in the region, with the emphasis on fashion and design: unique and distinguishing, offering many opportunities for growth.

Arnhem is a very creative city with a strong cultural infrastructure. There are two universities of applied science; the ArtEZ insititute of the Arts, famous in the realm of fashion, product and graphic design and HAN University with, amongst others, a departments for industrial product design and information and communication design. Arnhem has a fashion district where young design entrepreneurs have a space to live, work and sell their products. Within the national “top sector” Creative Industries, Arnhem has the lead with regards to fashion (CLICKNL/NextFashion). Every year the Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem is organised. Next year’s special edition, ‘State of Fashion 2018’, focuses on a sustainable future.

The region’s aim is to strengthen the connection between the creative sector, design and innovation in the Arnhem Nijmegen region. The region hosts more organizations using design in other sectors. For example in the city of Nijmegen, the Radboud Reshape Innovation Center works on design and innovation in care, towards a self-empowered patient, in where we will embrace the patient, their family and informal care into the healthcare team ('human-centered design').