Central Denmark

Design and creative industries have a strong position in Central Denmark.

Central Denmark Region covers the central part of Jutland from coast to coast, with approx. 1.2 million inhabitants. Central Denmark Region has great growth and development potential. The region has a vibrant economic life, strong competencies in relation to knowledge environments, research and education, and rapid population growth. In the eastern part of the region, the booming Aarhus area attracts manpower and investments, partly because of the many institutions of higher education including the university, business school and engineering academy. In the West, the growth centres around the cities of Holstebro and Herning, with food processing, wood and furniture industries, textiles and clothing, metal and production technology, being particular industrial strongholds.

Design enterprises and stakeholders in Central Denmark Region have moved from a traditional understanding of design as shaping products and symbols towards a strategic understanding that regards design as essential in relation to creating processes contributing to user-driven innovation. Design enterprises today are developing new product ideas through experimental forms of user involvement (demand pull innovation).

Examples of design related initiatives and strategies in Central Denmark Region:

  • Business by Design  builds, develops and supports a strong design cluster and promotes growth and development through design by supporting the dissemination of design thinking and application of design methods in Central Denmark Region. We work across the entire ecosystem of design, including educational institutions, design companies, the business community and the public sector to promote growth and development through design.
  • Strategic design  understood as using design for developing the enterprise or the public sector, not only products, is a strong concept in design thinking and initiatives in Central Denmark Region. It concerns developing the innovation culture and create ownership to strategic development processes. These processes are carried through by real user needs, and strategic design is closely related to ‘service design’ and ‘social innovation’.
  • Headstart Fashion  is making Central Denmark’s new powerhouse for fashion and at the same creating a hub that binds the fashion industry in the region together and create relationships to the rest of Denmark and abroad. The purpose of Headstart Fashion is to contribute to more growth, development and cohesion in the fashion industry based in Central Denmark Region. Together, the region’s fashion businesses approximately generates 75 percent of the Danish fashion industry’s total revenue. Alone in Aarhus municipality, there are about 350 fashion-related businesses.
  • The Innovation Network Lifestyle & Design Cluster works to promote innovation and sustainable growth, primarily in small and medium-sized interior and clothing companies as well as in the creative industries. We have a broad dialogue based interface with business and generates new knowledge through our various projects and activities, disseminated through events and here on the website through case studies and news update.
  • VIA University College offers a wide range of educational programmes within health, social education, technology, design, business and animation. As Denmark's largest university of applied sciences, we strive to be a leading educational institution in Denmark and internationally.

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