University of Lapland

On the Northern edge of Europe, Lapland features cold snowy winters, light summer nights, pure nature and rich cultural traditions. Over the years, harsh environmental conditions have shaped the culture, the use of natural resources, and the mindset of the people. This forms the background for Arctic Design, which derives from the cultural and societal basis in the North. Finland is well-known for its cutting edge technology industry.

Arctic Design has been integrated in industry, healthcare, ICT, tourism and art. With design, we can transform this technology knowledge to create products, experiences and services that engage and delight users.

University of Lapland is one of the global front runners in the area of service design. It is running a service prototyping lab called SINCO. Please visit to learn more about arctic design collaboration with industry.

Lapland also organises the world's northermost design week, the Arctic Design Week. We warmly welcome you to the next Arctic Design Week that will take place 19–25 February 2018.