Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region

A center of creativity, culture, education, and science as well as business, the Ljubljana Urban Region (LUR) is the richest region in Slovenia that creates 36.5% of national GDP. The region is situated in Central Slovenia and consists of 26 municipalities – including the capital of Slovenia: Ljubljana. With 500.000 inhabitants, of whom a great share is highly educated and enterprising (creating high added value per employee); this largest Slovenian region has immense development potentials.

The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) established the Regional Creative Economy Centre (RCKE) with an aim to train and connect (1) people working in the field of creative economies with (2) classical businesses, (3) decision- and policy makers, and (4) educational and research institutions. Through advisory sessions (e.g., on crowdfunding and IPR), numerous workshops, seminars, and other events targeted at creatives, entrepreneurs, and decision/policy makers; the Centre enhances business capacities of creative individuals, as well as promotes their inclusion in business processes and the public sector. In addition, RCKE is an active supporter of several bottom-up initiatives promoting creative industries (e.g., Pop-up dom and, a promoter of internationalization of creative economy in the region, and an advocate of urban regeneration. RCKE creates favorable conditions for business success based on interdisciplinary processes – also in the form of value chains.

Contact details of the person in charge of design in the region and contact person in Brussels

Aidan Cerar, RRA LUR

Bostjan Sinkovec, Brussels EU Liaison Office


Utmost changes in a globalized socio-economic and industrial context require an extended re-thinking in terms of new innovative business models and paradigms by the whole European manufacturing system. In this context, the language spoken by the stakeholders active in the field of Design should be more and more open to trans-sectorial and multi-disciplinary networks. The role currently played by design should therefore be investigated as added value for enterprises in a mosaic society characterized by a mixture between material and virtual resources.