The Vienna Business Agency is the first contact point for national and international companies. It offers financial support, real estate and urban development incentives as well as a broad range of services and advice.

The objective is to strengthen Viennese companies and their innovative capacity with a view to sustainably develop the business location and strengthen it in international competition.

The Vienna Business Agency promotes the defined focal strengths of the city: life sciences, urban technologies, creative industries and ICT.

17,7 % of Vienna-based companies are engaged in the creative industries, they are generating more than 11 billion EUR of annual revenue and contribute significantly to the value of the Vienna economic area. More than 63,000 people in Vienna are employed in the creative industries.

Departure, the creative center of the Vienna Business Agency offers comprehensive services and networking assistance to Viennese companies in the creative industries. Several formats have been developed to support creative industries.

Departure not only acts as a central contact point and project partner for the creative industries, but also as a hub between companies from the creative industries and traditional businesses.

By increasing the visibility of creative work and promoting innovative projects, products and services, locally and internationally, departure contributes to the positioning of Vienna as a creative hub.

The creative centre acts as an incubator for ideas and provides space for the exchange of knowledge and for know-how transfer. Studies and other publications on central themes of the creative industries are published by departure.


“The 21st century has already been named the century of cities or the "urban age". Cities are the powerhouses of economic growth, innovation and employment opportunities and with the growing trend of urbanization the importance of cities is even increasing further. Cities attract people, capital, creativity, they are places of diversification and concentration of social change. New ideas, scientific, technological and creative development and innovation flourish in an urban environment.