Adi Hirzer

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Adi Hirzer

worked as sales representative and author of user manuals for business administration software applications in his early 20ies. Creative director and project manager at Austrian Mobility Research until 2004 when he left Austria to make an indie road movie in Mexico, teach diving in the Philippines and run a hotel on the island of Roatan, Honduras. Back in Vienna since 2015 most of his time is now dedicated to working with start-ups in the booming market of the bicycle industry.

“The 21st century has already been named the century of cities or the "urban age". Cities are the powerhouses of economic growth, innovation and employment opportunities and with the growing trend of urbanization the importance of cities is even increasing further. Cities attract people, capital, creativity, they are places of diversification and concentration of social change. New ideas, scientific, technological and creative development and innovation flourish in an urban environment.