Anne le Rolland

Project Manager ICT | Media | Creative Industries

Anne Le Rolland was born in France but she has been living in Germany for more than 10 years now. She is project manager at Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, the agency for economic development for the city of Berlin. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is a unique public-private partnership, collaborating with the Berlin State Senate and over 270 companies dedicated to promoting their city. Berlin Partner is also responsible for marketing the German capital to the world, for example with the successful “be Berlin” campaign.

Anne Le Rolland supports  Berlin-based companies operating in the field of the creative industries, mainly SME's, in their internationalisation strategy. She organises economic missions and partnering events and supports and guidance to Berlin-based organisations in EU funding  - especially  for creative and cultural industries. According to official statistics, 33 000 artists are living in Berlin and many of them are running a business in the field of design. Berlin Partner is trying to stay in constant touch with them and supports, among others, their internationationalisation strategy.

“The 21st century has already been named the century of cities or the "urban age". Cities are the powerhouses of economic growth, innovation and employment opportunities and with the growing trend of urbanization the importance of cities is even increasing further. Cities attract people, capital, creativity, they are places of diversification and concentration of social change. New ideas, scientific, technological and creative development and innovation flourish in an urban environment.