Fiona Hackney

Professor Fashion Textiles Theories

Fiona Hackney is an internationally recognised scholar with research interests in the fields of design history, dress and fashion culture, crafting and co-creation, social design, participatory research, gender and print culture, creativity health and wellbeing. Much of her research focuses on exploring methods and methodologies for community co-production through creative practice, community media and everyday creativity, with a particular emphasis on processes of making as a means of promoting social capital, resilience, health and wellbeing. She has an active track record of research and collaborative working with academic and community partners in the UK and elsewhere, and has acted as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on a number of Arts & Humanities (AHRC) Connected Communities projects including: Co-producing CARE: Community Asset-based Research & Enterprise and Craftivist Garden #wellMAKING Beyond the Toolkit: Crafts Praxis for health and wellbeing:; the Collaborative Doctoral Award ‘Use Your Hands for Happiness’: Crafts practice, community assets, health and well-being’ in partnership with Arts for Health Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly; Contributions to a range of Connected Communities Showcase events:; and CARM: Community appropriated research model:

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, member of the AHRC Peer-Review College and Co-convenes the Material Theories and Practices group at Wolverhampton University. Recent and forthcoming publications include: The Power of Quiet: re-making amateur and professional textile spaces, agencies and identities. Journal of Textile Design, Research & Practice, Routledge (2017); ‘Stitched Together: Community Learning, Collaborative Making’, Futurescan 3: journal of fashion in higher education (2016); ‘Getting a Living. Getting a Life: Leonora Eyles, Employment and Agony 1925-1930’ in Women in Magazines: Research, Representation, Production and Consumption. Hawkins, Phillips, Ritchie (eds.) Routledge (2016); ‘CAREful or CAREless? Collaborative Making and Social Engagement through Craft’, Engage 33: Special issue on Critical Craft, December 2013 pp. 23-37; ‘Quiet Activism & the New Amateur: the power of home and hobby crafts’ Design and Culture May/June 2013. pp. 169-194; Networks of Design (Florida Universal, Publishers, 2010); ‘Better Together’: Co-Creating Living Heritage, Community Assets & Enterprise’ in The Craft Economy: Makers, Markets and Meaning, Thomas & Luckman (eds.) Bloomsbury academic (2017).  

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