Giuseppe Marinelli De Marco

Architect and Professor

Architect and exponent of Italian and international architecture in the 70es with the Group “Labirinto”, he has led several workshops and conferences on the connections between Design and Complex Societies in Japan, USA, Israel, India and other European Countries. Marinelli is senior Professor of Basic Design at Isia (Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche) in Rome and coordinates the Bachelor Degree on Design at Isia in Pordenone. Promoter and theorist of Design for Social Innovation and Collaborative University, he contributes to the activities of DG Connect DSI4EU. He is Scientific Coordinator at Pordenone University Consortium, contributing to the organisation of the Pordenone Design Week. In addition, he is coordinator of “Transition Town: hypothesis on a Design for Inclusion” research and he is beneficiary of Italian Republic honour award (2013) and of the 1°prize at Urban planning exhibition in Belgrado (2013). Many of his papers have been published in national and international architecture journals.

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