Miriam Kathrein

departure - the creative centre, Vienna Business Agency

Miriam Kathrein (*1980, AT) is a designer, curator and scholar. She currently works at departure, the creative center of Vienna Business Agency Vienna, which offers comprehensive services and networking assistance to Viennese companies in the creative industries. At departure she is responsible for the program development in the fields of architecture, design and fashion. Most recently, she was in charge of concept and production of the white paper “Crafted in Vienna” (2016) ( https://issuu.com/departure/docs/departure_whitepaper_isuu_2016-03-2/1), which comprises of expert interviews, best practice models and texts by protagonists in the field of urban production. Furthermore, she is a lecturer for Museum and Curatorial Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Previously, she has worked as an assistant professor at the departments Art and Communication, and Contextual Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where she also taught Typography and Design Theory; as a curator for TBA21 Vienna and Kunstverein Hamburg, as an assistant curator at Witte de With Rotterdam and Kunsthaus Bregenz, and as a graphic designer for several design studios in Vienna and London.

In her practice she is focused on post disciplinary and collaborative aspects in design and art.

“The 21st century has already been named the century of cities or the "urban age". Cities are the powerhouses of economic growth, innovation and employment opportunities and with the growing trend of urbanization the importance of cities is even increasing further. Cities attract people, capital, creativity, they are places of diversification and concentration of social change. New ideas, scientific, technological and creative development and innovation flourish in an urban environment.