Nick Gant

Principal Lecturer University of Brighton

Nick Gant is an award winning practice-based, researcher whose work explores engaging design as an agent for positive social, economic and environmental change. Nick founded the Community21(.org) initiative which is a social enterprise that sits within the University of Brighton, UK. Community21 is a community and university partnership project that brings together communities and researchers to co-define bottom-up research questions and collaborate in the research. This often involves the co-design and co-production of tools, systems, products and spaces.


His work has promoted the work of NGOs and charities including Rural Community Council Network, Vision Aid Overseas, WWF, The Marine Conservation Society and The UK Milk Bank and has involved working with global organisations as diverse as Vivienne Westwood, Veolia, Apple Corps, Dyson, Vodafone, ICI, Philips, The V&A, New Balance, PUMA, the NHS and the BBC.


Nick Gant 

Principal Lecturer  

School of Architecture and Design

University of Brighton




twitter: @mycommunity21



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