Sonia Massari

Sonia Massari
Gustolab International Institute

Sonia Massari is the Director of Gustolab International Institute for Food Studies and Academic Director of the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign Food Studies programs-Rome. She received her PhD in Food Systems and Interaction Design, from the Electronic Engineering Department of the University of Florence. Winner of the Women and Technologies Award 2012 intended for women committed to innovation in food and nutrition.
In 2014, she won NAFSA’s TLS KC’s Innovative Research in International Education Award. She is co-founder and director of the “2015 European UFD Conference” and coordinates the ADI Design Index for Food Design.
She currently teaches at ISIA Design School and Scuola Politecnica Design Milan. She collaborates as senior researcher with Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition.

Utmost changes in a globalized socio-economic and industrial context require an extended re-thinking in terms of new innovative business models and paradigms by the whole European manufacturing system. In this context, the language spoken by the stakeholders active in the field of Design should be more and more open to trans-sectorial and multi-disciplinary networks. The role currently played by design should therefore be investigated as added value for enterprises in a mosaic society characterized by a mixture between material and virtual resources.