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Laura Nino
Thought refinery
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Founder, director
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Cross-sectoral project development: including designers in EU projects

I am a strategic design director with 11 years of international experience developing radical innovation strategies and solutions for multinationals such as Philips, CBRE Investors, ING banking, International Fragrances and Flavors and public organizations in Singapore, Colombia, Brazil, the United States and the Netherlands. Results involve the identification of novel market opportunities based in socio-cultural and aesthetic trends and users’ insights, prototyped solutions (product/service) and innovation roadmaps. Health care related work with top hospitals in the US, EU, LATAM and Asia, and design studios.

My training education is in strategic design, business administration and cultural anthropology. My expertises include: trends forecasting, users’ generative techniques (user centered design, co-creation, blueprinting methods and tools, rapid prototyping), design thinking, new business development and strategic innovation. Deep knowledge of agile and waterfalls approaches for fast iterations or disruptive service design visions.

My professional values are: user centered solutions. Challenge the status quo. Inspire through unexpected insights. Lead design teams to excel. Empower clients to explore the unknown and co-design their preferred and radical futures with actionable products and services. Create momentum and trust through results.


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